An all in one Enterprise Risk Management platform to manage prevention, mitigate risks and optimize insurance.

Intelligent and continuous monitoring of industrial assets is the key to improving risk management and prevention which improves insurance underwriting accuracy for smarter insurance.

Disrupting the way risks are managed based on reliable and accurate data from all corporate assets.

Today’s insurance industry isn’t just about processing damage and liability claims. It’s about helping clients avoid and limit them all together.Having a reliable global network, along with our partners, we are dedicated to legitimize the power of data for risk management and create a more secure, more connected and predictable environment for professionals.Our expert solutions, allow prompt responses to emergencies and monitors your activities thanks to connected sensors and real-time alerts.This next generation of smart solutions provides connectivity at a very cost-effcient price, and give companies the keys to limit risk exposure and optimize your insurance

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It is time to develop a smart Risk Management Information System based on data science and technology to reduce the level of exposure of your corporate assets for smarter insurance.




My Risk Committee is a risk advisor company, whose platform “©My Risk io” is focused on unlocking data insights from industrial assets using connected objects (IoT) for risk management, improving loss prevention and optimizing insurance.The combined risk management and data science expertise allows My Risk Committee to offer a fully digital plug and play solution for continuous real-time monitoring of corporate assets, risks and insurance.We continually renew the insurance value chain based on real business usage thanks to like-minded partners and experts. We value the power of community knowledge and dynamism of Innovation & Technology.My Risk Committee gives you the tools for modern monitoring of your industrial assets and to improve risk management, prevention, claims anticipation and the underwriting process with insurance companies for smarter insurance.

Making the difference:

A one of a kind, comprehensive consulting expertise combined
with a fully secure platform

Operational Excellence is part of our DNA

All members of staff are trained in and have obtained a Lean/Six Sigma certification supervised by a Master Black Belt.


We are a team of creatively diverse, driven, and innovative individuals with professional experiences in various industries and locations from Europe to the USA.Our innovative breakthrough combining risk management and insurance expertise with technology and data analytics solutions has always helped our clients’ and partners’ businesses succeed.Along with being an InsurTech company, My Risk Committee is a worldwide community whose members are engaged professionals, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organizations committed to bridging the gap between Technology and Insurance ecosystems.We value the power of data to support business activity, limit risk exposure and its's financial impact on corporates.


Rudy Mizel

Chief Executive Officer

Aurélien Le Clainche

Chief Technology Officer

Margaux Gouysse

Head of Data Science & Analytics

Arnaud Vanon

Head of Prevention Engineering & Risk Management


These expert partners share our vision and provide My Risk Committee with the tools and advice we need every day to build a strong and long-term foundation.

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My Risk Committee SAS
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75019 Paris - France


New York City, USA

My Risk Committee INC
62 William Street - New York,
NY 10005 - USA